I was born on the 21st of June, in 1952 in Portici. My life spent between canvases, brushes, and color palettes, watching my father draw, then paint with a strong and elegant line, always sensible, with his tidy color palette and never a brushstroke out of place; the oil thinners smell meant he was home.  

His precise, prompt, and calm personality pushed him towards a figurative painting which, over the years, lead to hyperrealism. 

I have always remembered his words on the great painters of the past, on the perfection of their works. “In the first place”, he said, “the study of the masters’ technique is the foundation of any style of pictorial expression”. 

I listened and watched him for years, until I felt the urge to try it myself. 

I did it. 


Primo premio “Leucosia ’71”– S.M. di Catellabate

Primo premio Internazionale “La tavolozza” – Pompei

Primo premio Concorso Internazionale “Europa 71”– Roma

Primo premio “Caltagirone 72”

Primo premio “III Biennale Internazionale del trittico di Sorrento”

Primo premio “Il miniquadro”– C.di Stabia


First place “Estate artistica 74”-Sorrento

First place “Piano di Sorrento”

First place “V Biennale Modigliani”-Napoli

First place “L’Avanti” – Portici

First place “XXVII Concorso di  Lettere e Pittura  G. Ungaretti” – Roma


Personal Exhibitions

Arnese Gallery Portici (NA) 1971
La Vetta Gallery Napoli 1990
Studio 50 Gallery Portici (NA) 1995
Carlton Gallery Sorrento NA) 1997
Reference Gallery Marciano Arte Snc Portici (NA)