The Breaktrough

What would life be a like

if we didn’t have the courage

to change someting?

Vincent van Gogh

Much of our suffering comes from a lack of awareness. Sometimes we live our days repetitively, on the surface, lost in the twists of our thoughts, often linked to traditions we no longer accept. Rediscovering awareness is a bit like going back to seeing life in color. If awareness is the key to returning to live fully, courage is the necessary ingredient to live proud, and sincerity is the consequence of authenticity.

This set of knowledge, bravery, honesty and thruth led to the artistic turning point of my life. When I paint I really feel myself, the serenity, the spontaneity, the speed of the brush strokes, the arrangement of the spots and the choice of colors are nothing more than a tool, the connection between the soul and the canvas. In a spontaneous and sincere gesture, they are the ingredients of my painting. I dedicate an important part to improvisation and nurture the instantaneity of the pictorial gesture, to give life and emotion to the creation. The composition is more and more a force rather than the result of a thought; this is essential to preserve honesty and authenticity.Exploring the lines, the stains, the colors, the choice of material, I try to translate my intimate emotions and moods, whatever they are, into creations with a tangible consistency and an ever-changing design, which can often seem distant to distracted eyes. 

Before starting a work, I connect to my emotional state which can often be influenced by my short journey from home to the studio, by the colorful luminous smells of nature: once this journey inspired me to real images of my land, the nearby coast, the sea that is love and desire, now this writing is no longer mine , I no longer interpret images of the real world, my works have no title, they are compositions. The viewer can meditate, ask questions and try to find everything that touches him deeply.

This artistic breakthrough is very recent, the foundations of which are the reasons for a change, accumulated over the years, by the maturity reached, by the desire to free oneself from the repetitive influence of tradition, a change of a new vision as brutal as it is necessary.

It was a revelation! This writing, at times aggressive and powerful or opposite, poetic and luminous, in forms and perspectives that are sometimes unlikely, was finally part of me.

Some are nothing but formless shapes and improvised strokes that encourage wandering and evasion. I believe this artistic research must be lived, contemplated and never fully defined, because by itself it is able to awaken different emotions in those who draw nourishment from it. I also believe that not being sincere and truthful with oneself, represents almost a vulgarization of one’s ideas, while when one is freed from constraints and conditioning, each composition can become the true self-portrait of the artist.

Vincenzo Cino